Pizzana’s Opening Date…

Back in 2015, I noticed that a new pizza concept, originally billed as Daniele Pizza, was taking over the old Adoteca space at 11712 San Vicente Blvd. in Brentwood.  Later, we learned that the new restaurant was associated with the people behind Sprinkles Cupcakes, and we learned that the name was going to be Pizzana.  Since then, a great many of you have been carefully checking for updates, so here you go…  According to a spokesperson, Pizzana will officially throw open its doors on April 21.  FullSizeRender-4.jpg

Pizzana Is The Name Of The New Daniele Pizza Concept In Brentwood

I’ve been watching the space at 11712 San Vicente Blvd. that once housed Adoteca and Osteria Latini before that.  The last news was the ABC license application posted on the front that indicated that something called Daniele Pizza was moving in.  Eater did a little digging and discovered that the people behind Daniele were none other than the founders of the cupcake empire Sprinkles, Candace and Charles Nelson.  Well, plywood recently went up on the space informing us that the real name of the new restaurant will be… PizzanaThe ABC license still lists the business as Daniele, however the owner is now listed as Pizzana LLC instead of Daniele LLC.  But it’s still the Nelsons who are behind the venture.  Their website hasn’t been developed yet, so I can only speculate about what they have in mind.  But I will definitely keep an anticipatory eye on this development…




Daniele Pizzeria To Take Over Adoteca Space In Brentwood

Well that sure didn’t take long.  I know that this is Brentwood and all, but this space doesn’t sit idle for long… You may recall that back in late 2013, Adoteca replaced Osteria Latini in a matter of weeks.  Then only two weeks ago, I told you and Eater confirmed that Adoteca had bitten the dust.  And now, an ABC application is up in the window announcing that a new venture, Daniele Pizzeria will be taking over the busy space at 11712 San Vicente Blvd.  I don’t know much about this business yet, but I’ll keep you posted.