LDH Kitchen The Robata Closed In Santa Monica?

I first noticed that a new restaurant was coming to the erstwhile Cadet space at 2518 Wilshire Blvd. back in April of 2016.  It took a while, but LDH Kitchen The Robata opened in the Summer of 2018.  Known for their wild light displays, LDH Kitchen was a branch of massive Japanese lifestyle brand LDH (Love+Dream+Happiness).  Sadly, in less than a year, it appears that the love may be gone.  While I don’t have any confirmation that they’ve quit the location, I’ve noticed that the restaurant is dark in the evenings, and Yelp is listing as it as closed, so I think its safe to say that they have.  I’ll keep watching to see what develops…


LDH Kitchen Takes Over The Cadet Space In SM

Ambitious wood-fired restaurant Cadet closed earlier this year after a short run at 2518 Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica.  And now we have a  clue as to what may be replacing it.  An ABC license application went up on the space on Friday informing us that something called LDH Kitchen will be taking over.  Hard to find much information about what kind of establishment this will be.  The man behind LDH is someone named Eugene Nomura according to the ABC app.  I’ll keep watching for further developments…