Liquid Nutrition Folds In BH

The space at 368 N. Camden in Beverly Hills can’t seem to hold on to a tenant.  The latest casualty was the US’s promising first branch of Canadian smoothie and juice company Liquid Nutrition, which opened in November of 2014.  I’ll keep my eye on the space to see who will be the next to roll the dice…


Liquid Nutrition Now Open In BH

After what seemed like an extraordinarily lengthy remodel of the space that used to house long-gone salad joint Choppe Choppe at 368 N. Camden, smoothie and juice shop Liquid Nutrition has recently opened in Beverly Hills.  This is the first US branch of the popular Canadian chain.  You can expect a menu of proprietary specialty drinks with protein, herbal, or vitamin supplements as well as wraps, treats, and house-grown wheatgrass served by extremely friendly and helpful staff in a bright, cheery environment.



Liquid Nutrition Coming Soon To Beverly Hills

The space at 368 N. Camden in Beverly Hills has seen a number of businesses come and go, the most recent being the now-defunct salad joint Choppe Choppe.  Looks like the latest to try their hand at the location will be Liquid Nutrition, a Canadian-based smoothie and juice chain looking to make inroads into the US.  With a strong emphasis on health and wellness, LN serves up specialty drinks with names such as zen, bliss, and glow, with protein, herbal, or vitamin supplements.  No word on an opening date yet, but until then you can read more about the company here.