Little Asia Now Open In Hawthorne

This is one of those times that I vastly underestimated the excitement over a story…  Ever since I told you about Little Asia’s impending return to Hawthorne, the interest has been astonishing. You may recall that the beloved purveyor of Asian food closed down on the corner of El Segundo and Hawthorne after a devastating fire some three years ago, and most thought that was the end of the popular restaurant.  Then back in March of this year, I noticed that they appeared to be behind a new build out at 4624 W. Imperial Highway in Hawthorne, a stone’s throw from the old location.  So, for all of you who have been carefully checking for details and demanding answers, I have this happy news:  Little Asia is now open at their new location.  An ABC application in the window means you’ll soon be able to toast their exultant return with beer and wine.LittleAsia.jpg


Little Asia Triumphantly Returns To Hawthorne

Popular local institution Little Asia served the good people of Hawthorne for many years on the corner of El Segundo Blvd. and Hawthorne Blvd.  Then, about three years ago, they were tragically forced to close their doors after a fire caused significant damage.  For some reason, possibly due to the City’s renovation projects, they have not returned to their old location.  And that was the end of that… or so we thought.  Here’s good news for all of you fans:  Signs are up on a major remodel of the space at 4624 W. Imperial Highway in Hawthorne announcing their triumphant return.  It looks like they still have a ways to go, but I’ll keep watching as things develop…