Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Catering To Carnivores In Hawthorne Soon…

The hard-working folks in the aerospace industry in Hawthorne will soon have another choice for lunch.  Signs are already up announcing that a branch of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is close to opening (if not already open by the time you read this) in the strip mall location at 12730E Hawthorne Blvd.  Dickey’s is the Dallas-based chain that since its founding in 1941, has gone on to become the “largest barbecue franchise in the US“.  They offer a solid menu of ribs, brisket, wings, pulled pork, chicken, kielbasa, and many other meaty bits that you can check out here.


Cluck & Blaze Landing In Hawthorne

There’s a banner hanging on the front of the space at 4850 Rosecrans Blvd. (corner of Inglewood Ave.) in Hawthorne, formerly home to a branch of Waba Grill.  The banner informs us that Cluck & Blaze is moving in.  C&B has two other locations (Long Beach, Glendale) and will soon be bringing “authentic Nashville-style hot chicken” to the good people toiling away in the nearby aerospace industries.

American Deli Comes To Hawthorne

Good news aerospace people, a new dining option is landing at 13257 Hawthorne Blvd. in Hawthorne.  A branch of American Deli has settled in to the location.   American Deli boasts almost 200 locations, mostly in the American South, but also a couple here as well.  Their menu focuses on classic American food such as wings, reubens, burgers, and subs.  Expect an opening in a few days, according to a spokesperson.

Azucanela Churreria Coming Soon To Hawthorne Soon

The local aerospace industries are having quite an effect on even the sleepiest parts of the South Bay.  Case in point?  Inglewood Ave. in Hawthorne already boasts an excellent French bakery (Le Pain du Jour), and excellent Chinese food (Chubby Rice), and now they’re about to add an upscale churro/coffee spot to the mix.  A banner us up on a formerly abandoned building at 13307 Inglewood Ave. announcing the impending arrival of Azucanela Churreria.  Read about their progress on their website here.


Little Asia Now Open In Hawthorne

This is one of those times that I vastly underestimated the excitement over a story…  Ever since I told you about Little Asia’s impending return to Hawthorne, the interest has been astonishing. You may recall that the beloved purveyor of Asian food closed down on the corner of El Segundo and Hawthorne after a devastating fire some three years ago, and most thought that was the end of the popular restaurant.  Then back in March of this year, I noticed that they appeared to be behind a new build out at 4624 W. Imperial Highway in Hawthorne, a stone’s throw from the old location.  So, for all of you who have been carefully checking for details and demanding answers, I have this happy news:  Little Asia is now open at their new location.  An ABC application in the window means you’ll soon be able to toast their exultant return with beer and wine.LittleAsia.jpg

Swirl Soft Serve Coming Soon To Hawthorne

The signs are up on the space at 5263 Rosecrans Blvd. in Hawthorne announcing that soon a new frozen treat shop will be throwing open its doors.  According to the window paper, Swirl Soft Serve will be specializing in hand swirled dairy, non-diary, and vegan ice cream and sundaes.  It looks like they’re shooting for a mid-April opening.


Little Asia Triumphantly Returns To Hawthorne

Popular local institution Little Asia served the good people of Hawthorne for many years on the corner of El Segundo Blvd. and Hawthorne Blvd.  Then, about three years ago, they were tragically forced to close their doors after a fire caused significant damage.  For some reason, possibly due to the City’s renovation projects, they have not returned to their old location.  And that was the end of that… or so we thought.  Here’s good news for all of you fans:  Signs are up on a major remodel of the space at 4624 W. Imperial Highway in Hawthorne announcing their triumphant return.  It looks like they still have a ways to go, but I’ll keep watching as things develop…

Verylicious Yogurt Coming Soon To Hawthorne

I recently noticed a banner attached to the front of the space at 12801 Inglewood Ave. (corner of El Segundo) in Hawthorne announcing that Verylicious Yogurt will soon be arriving.  This particular corner has become a bit of a destination recently, owing to Eater‘s nod to new Chinese-American restaurant sensation Chubby Rice.  Not a great deal of information out there yet on the new icy treat shop, just a Facebook page, but I’ll keep watching.





Honey Boba Now Open In Hawthorne

For some indeterminable reason, a great many of you have been fascinated with the leaden progress of the two westernmost outlets of “best boba alive” chain Honey Boba.  I haven’t the faintest why it takes them so very long to open:  The LA branch at 11573 W. Santa Monica Blvd. has been sitting idle since 2014.  But there’s been a glimmer of hope… Hawthorne’s cheerful branch of Honey Boba has now opened in the Glen Court shopping center at 5267 Rosecrans Ave.  Read more about them and find other locations here.




Honey Boba Expands Into Hawthorne…

A great many of you have been following with rapt attention the extraordinarily slow progress of the still unopened Honey Boba on Santa Monica Blvd., just to the west of the 405.  (They appear to be quite close to opening.)  With locations already in Gardena, Lomita, Rosemead, and Arcadia, the boba chain continues its tortoiselike march toward the beach with a new location arriving soon to the Glen Court shopping center at 5267 Rosecrans Ave. in Hawthorne.  Until that fateful day, read more about “the best boba alive” and check out their menu here.


Blaze Pizza Expanding Into Hawthorne

It looks like the busy aerospace industry can look forward to yet another lunchtime choice soon…  After having sat vacant for quite a while, the free-standing building that used to house a Qdoba at 5221 Rosecrans Ave. in Hawthorne (just to the west of the 405) is about to get a new tenant.  Signs are up indicating that a branch of “fast fire’d” build-your-own pizza restaurant Blaze Pizza is moving in.  Looks like they’re planning on an opening sometime next year, but until then, check out the menu of the rapidly expanding national chain here.


Uh oh… Not A Smooth Landing For Flights

Remember back in January when I told you about the impending arrival of Flights Craft Beers + Sports Grill, the new bar with 40 beers on tap, an interesting menu, and odd location (5119 W. El Segundo Blvd, in Hawthorne)?  I’ve been carefully watching this story because the Manhattan Beach/El Segundo food scene is exploding right now and Flights is the farthest east of all of the new upcoming restaurants.  Well, after delaying their opening a few weeks, they eventually opened for business on March 25th.  Shortly thereafter however, they had to close their doors due to health and safety code violations.  A letter pasted under the notice of closure on the front door explains that the moving of an ice machine and installation of a new washing machine required new permits that they simply didn’t know about.  But they are planning on reopening as soon as they can.


Flights Craft Beers + Sports Grill Coming In For A Landing Soon In Hawthorne

Could this be an indication that the El Segundo/Manhattan Beach food scene is pushing east?  Looking somewhat out-of-place, I just notices that a new, sleek sports grill is going into a spot in a strip mall in a particularly bleak section of Hawthorne just to the east of the 405 at 5119 W. El Segundo Blvd.  What appears to be a fairly extensive build-out will soon house Flights Craft Beers + Sports Grill, which promises 40 different fresh beers on tap and a menu composed of such things as poutine, hefeweizen cheddar cheese fondue, and a variety of sliders.  Looks like they’re shooting for a February opening.  In the mean time, check out their website here.