Westfield Century City Expands Its Food Court Space Considerably

Because so many of you are tracking the progress of the developing Westfield Century City Shopping Center, I’m giving you the details as I encounter them.  The latest?  The food court has expanded its floor space by a great deal.  I know it’s hard to tell from these photos, but a new glass wall has been built creating increased floor space.  If you look at the first photo, what you’re looking at is the erstwhile news stand that stood in the outdoor area across from the former Coral Tree Express ( on the far right of the photo).  You can see that the area is now enclosed.  The second photo is standing where the old doors used to be and looking toward Meizhou Dongpo, that is now just outside the new entrance.  What’s going to occupy all this extra space?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see…


Meizhou Dongpo (Hopefully) Opens Tues…

Meizhou Dongpo, the Sichuan restaurant opening on the second floor of the Westfield Century City Shopping Center did not make its projected opening date of December 2nd as I had reported earlier.  On Saturday, a rep from the restaurant told me that they plan on opening this Tuesday, Dec. 17th.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed…  Until then, here’s what the scene looked like over the weekend.  meizhou.comphoto-2


Meizhou Dongpo Close To Opening in Century City…

Going into the old Ummba Grill space near the food court in the Westfield Century City Shopping center, Meizhou Dongpo, the Sichuan chain based in Beijing is predicting a November opening according to signs that recently covered over the original announcement for a now-past Summer opening.  As to an exact date, we’ll just have to wait and see.  In the mean time, you can try to decipher what I believe to be the website for the company: meizhou.com.


Meizhou Dongpo Coming Soon To Century City

Signs went up recently on the space that used house long-gone Ummba Grill in the Century City Shopping Center announcing an upcoming brand new Chinese restaurant.  Meizhou Dongpo is a chain of Sichuan restaurants in China that is looking to make inroads in the US.  Not much info yet, except an undeveloped website linking to a Chinese site, and an artist’s rendering of what the future restaurant will look like.  Look for a summer 2013 opening. dongpous.com. Update:  This website no longer works… try http://www.meizhou.com.cn/?lang=en. -TRA

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