CrepeMaker Done, The Market Converts Into A Museum In Santa Monica Place

Still more signs of trouble for the consistently sputtering food scene in Santa Monica Place.  It appears that another of the concessions on the third floor has disappeared.  CrepeMaker has unceremoniously vacated its food court location.  In other news…  If you were hopeful that the failed The Market space might return with the promise of a new food venture, I’m afraid your hopes are about to be dashed on the rocks.  In case you haven’t heard,  the space is being converted into the Zimmer Children’s Museum, at least according to the new window displays.  Perhaps the Dudes’ Brewing Company, currently under construction, will breathe new life into the third floor.



The Market At Santa Monica Place The Day Before…

I went by The Market At Santa Monica Place today to see if I could sneak in and nose around.  Unfortunately, they have it locked up tighter than Fort Knox with security guards and large men blocking my entrance.  If you’re like me and looked at my photos from Monday evening, you probably wondered how in the hell they were going to open by Friday.  Well, looking at the flurry of activity that I could glimpse through the ever-opening door, I’m convinced they’ll make it.  10:00am tomorrow, that’s what the man at the door promised me…

Construction Continues Fast And Furiously At Marketplace, Santa Monica

We’ve been promised a May 20th opening so I continue to nose around The Market at Santa Monica Place to follow the progressAs you can see, a few liquor license postings have gone up and construction workers are hard at it, but with only a month and a half before the opening, no one has moved in yet and there still seems to be a lot of work to be done.