Rita’s Gate Of India Relocates In Santa Monica

Perhaps you’ve been missing the old Gate of India restaurant that disappeared from its location at 115 Santa Monica Blvd.  That space has been (slowly) transforming into something called Tumbi Bar.  However, GOI has resurfaced as Rita’s Gate of India in its new location at 1450 5th Street in Downtown Santa Monica.


Tumbi Bar And Restaurant Landing In Santa Monica Soon

I’ve been watching the space at 115 Santa Monica Blvd. in Downtown Santa Monica for a while.  Early last year, the Yelp-eviscerated Gate of India pulled up stakes and the windows were papered over.  Finally, an ABC application taped to the front informs us that something called Tumbi Bar and Restaurant will soon be moving in.  I can’t find out much information on the new eatery, but I’ll keep watching…