Bluestone Lane Bringing Flat Whites To Beverly Hills Soon

South Santa Monica Blvd. in The Golden Triangle can be a tricky location.  Eateries come and go along the notoriously capricious strip.  But that doesn’t seem to deter plucky newcomers.  Recently I told you about The Kind Ones, and right next door, in what used to be Bo Nuage at 9523 S. Santa Monica, signs have recently gone up announcing a branch of expanding Australian coffee chain Bluestone Lane.


What’s Going On At B.H. Poke In Beverly Hills?

Recently, I noticed a hastily written note posted on the front door of fledgling B.H. Poke at 9527 Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills, situated in a block that has seen a great deal of turn over recently.  As you can see, the note states that they are “taking a little break” due to “unforeseen circumstances”.  According to a photo on Yelp, the note has been up since early last month.  It looks like no one has set foot in the shop for quite a while.  I tried to call and inquire, but their phone line no longer works.  So, I can’t confirm if they’re planning on reopening or not, but things don’t look good.


Couscous A Gogo Gone Gone?

It wasn’t that long age that I first told you about a new North African-influenced restaurant going into the space at 9533 S. Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills.  Lasting a little over a year, it sadly appears that Couscous A Gogo has vacated the location.  The awnings have been pulled down, their phone number no longer works, and the space is being gutted.  This is a tough stretch of Santa Monica Blvd:  puffy meringue people Bo Nuage recently quit their space, and remember Beverly Hills Beignet?  I’ll keep watching to see what develops.


Bo Nuage Throws Open Its Doors In BH

Back in February, I told you about a second location of Melrose’s glamourous purveyor of meringues and cakes, Bo Nuage, that was under construction in the old Shoe Wiz space at 9523 Santa Monica Blvd (near Rodeo) in Beverly Hills.  Bo Nuage is now open and set to charm your knickers off with its adorable French pâtisserie themed décor and delightfully darling desserts on display.  Pop by for a sample of their lighter than air confections and read more about this little slice of heaven here. 




Bo Nuage Set To Enchant The Westside With A New Beverly Hills Location

Melrose’s darling little charmer Bo Nuage appears poised to descend upon Beverly Hills in a pink cloud of confectionary magic very soon. I recently noticed that the Parisian-themed purveyor of meringues and cakes is taking over the old Shoe Wiz storefront at 9523 Santa Monica Blvd (near Rodeo).  No word on when this little chunk of fabulousness will be open, only that they’re predicting some time this year.  Until that enchanting day, read more about them here and in this interview in Eater LA.