Spumoni Back In Action On Montana Ave. With A New Look… And A New Wood-fired Pizza Oven!

Popular neighborhood restaurant Spumoni, at 713 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica, ran into a spot of trouble a little over a year ago when a car crashed into the next door Café de Paris and sparked a fire that shut the Italian eatery down.  Rising from the ashes, Spumoni threw open its doors last night (Tuesday) for the first time since the fire.  Having taken over the Café de Paris space, the plucky always-crowded café is now larger with an extensive remodel.  The feel is still cozy and friendly, with a dining room bedecked in warm wood paneling.  You’ll continue to find many of the classics on the menu, but if you haven’t thought about Spumoni as a destination in a while, it might be time to reconsider.  They built a spiffy wood-fired pizza oven brought from Napoli and flew in a pizza expert, Pizzaiolo Massimo Caso to serve some the crispest (perhaps best) Neapolitan-style pies anywhere in this neck of the woods.  We wish them the best of luck.





Cafe De Paris Has Taken Over Spumoni Cafe On Montana Ave.

The little Italian creamery and breakfast nook Spumoni Café at 715 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica that opened only about a year and a half ago is now a different establishment.  Café de Paris has now taken over the space.  You’d be forgiven for overlooking this: The café still sports the big Spumoni Café sign and looks exactly the same, the only difference being the new window signs, menu, and Tour Eiffel outside the front door.  Apparently, the owner of Spumoni restaurant (next door) pulled out of the little café, leaving the other owner, who is French to take over entirely.  Look for a menu of breakfasts, crepes, salads, and yes, the gelato stays.  cafedeparismontana.com