Gion Beverly Hills Bringing “The First And Only Geisha Outside Japan” To The Golden Triangle

Normally sleepy Camden Dr., in The Golden Triangle, has recently become a hive of restaurant activity.  Work is progressing on Beverly Bar.  The earstwhile H.O.M.E. space appears to be leased.  I’m not entirely sure what’s going on at the fossilized Brighton Coffee Shop (the windows are papered over).  And now a new ABC application has appeared on the front of 420 N. Camden naming the business as Gion Beverly Hills. And what is that? I’ll leave the description to them… This from their Yelp page:

“Named after the famous geisha district, Gion in Kyoto, Japan. Gion Beverly Hills is the first and only traditional Japanese tea house that features actual geisha from Japan. We offer the rare opportunity to view a live geisha performance and have interactions with the artists. Along with the geisha show we also serve a delicious tasting menu inspired by Kyoto’s four seasons accompanied by a tea ceremony featuring wagashi (traditional tea ceremony dessert) that will serve as your dessert course.”

H.O.M.E. Finally Gives Up The Ghost In BH… This Time For Good?

House of Music & Entertainment has certainly had its share of the blues.  I first noticed that H.O.M.E. was taking over the cavernous old Camden House space at 430 N. Camden Dr. in Beverly back in February of 2012.  But after a kerfuffle involving their liquor license, the plucky supper club reopened with new owners and management in December of last year.  Well it appears that H.O.M.E. is finally gone for good.  While there’s no official notice, the place is completely gutted and locksmiths were changing the keys to the doors on Thursday, so I’m calling this one. I’ll keep my eye on the space to see if any other brave soul gives the difficult location a try…


H.O.M.E. Returns To Beverly Hills

Swanky jazz club  H.O.M.E. (House of Music & Entertainment) burst onto the scene back in 2012, taking over the cavernous old Camden House space at 430 N. Camden Dr. in Beverly Hills.  Then, earlier this year, they hit a sour note.  We never completely knew what the kerfuffle was, but the prominent notice posted in the window did provide a clue.  Well, H.O.M.E. is back up and running with new owners and management according to a spokesperson.  We wish them the best of luck.