H.O.M.E. Finally Gives Up The Ghost In BH… This Time For Good?

House of Music & Entertainment has certainly had its share of the blues.  I first noticed that H.O.M.E. was taking over the cavernous old Camden House space at 430 N. Camden Dr. in Beverly back in February of 2012.  But after a kerfuffle involving their liquor license, the plucky supper club reopened with new owners and management in December of last year.  Well it appears that H.O.M.E. is finally gone for good.  While there’s no official notice, the place is completely gutted and locksmiths were changing the keys to the doors on Thursday, so I’m calling this one. I’ll keep my eye on the space to see if any other brave soul gives the difficult location a try…


H.O.M.E. Encounters A Spot Of Trouble In BH

Looks like Beverly Hills’ ambitious jazz club H.O.M.E. (House of Music & Entertainment) has just hit a sour note.  According to this subtle poster affixed to a front window, their liquor license has been suspended until, well… “indefinite”.  I can’t find any indication that they have actually closed, but sadly, I’m afraid you won’t be having any martinis to accompany your blues any time soon.


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