Del Taco Opens In Santa Monica… You’re Welcome

Every once in a while, I’m caught off guard by the amount of attention that a post gets.  Perhaps its due to the relative lack of fast food options on Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica, but ever since I first wrote to tell you about the construction of a Del Taco in an old Jack In The Box location, a great many of you have been checking for updates.  So you’ll be pleased to know that Del Taco has opened in its shiny new space at 2423 Wilshire.


Chik-fil-A Comes To MDR

For some reason that I don’t entirely comprehend, a great many of you are BIG fans of Chik-fil-A.  Well then, here’s some welcome news for those of you that count yourselves in that group:  Signs recently went up on the old defunct Del Taco at 4050 Lincoln Blvd. (just south of Washington) announcing that the structure is being converted into a branch of the popular poultry purveyor.  No word on an opening date yet, so y’all will just have to wait…