Lyfe Kitchen Expires In Playa Vista

I recently noticed that purveyors of modern comfort food Lyfe Kitchen have pulled up stakes in their Runway Playa Vista location at 12746 W Jefferson Blvd.  A sign on the door confirms the sad news.  Lyfe Kitchen has a rocky history to begin with, but I wonder if the bigger news is the Runway itself.  With a captive audience of residents in the Playa Vista developments along Jefferson, you’d think that the Runway would be teeming with hungry patrons.  And yet, since opening, they have never been able to fill all of the empty new storefronts.  A great many still remain unoccupied.  And now Lyfe Kitchen pulls out…  Could this be an indication of trouble for the newish shopping/dining district?



Whole Foods Landing Soon In Playa Vista

It’s fascinating watching the massive Playa Vista development emerge out of thin air.  As if overnight, row after row of residential buildings have sprung from nothing.  So of course, it seems only natural that the future inhabitants will need to eat somewhere.  Back in January I told you about the impending arrival of a Cinemark Theater (now open) with a full bar, lounge, and dining menu as well as a future Lyfe Kitchen.  And now we can add to the list a brand new flashy Whole Foods on the corner of W. Jefferson and McConnell Ave.


Lyfe Kitchen Landing In Playa Vista; Yet Another Theater With A Restaurant And Bar!

Looks like there will be plenty of opportunities for new restaurants in the giant developments at Playa Vista, along Jefferson Blvd.  One of the first to post their ABC application is the healthy eco-chain Lyfe Kitchen at 12746 W. Jefferson which not-so-coincidentally is also the location of the new Century Theatres (Cinemark) complex.  And we can tell from their posted ABC application, Century Theatres intends on having a “general eating place” that serves alcohol as well, joining the other new theaters being built on the Westside that will also have restaurants including the new Arclight in Santa Monica, and the remodeled Laemmle in Santa Monica.