LAX75 Coming To Culver City…

People are demanding answers after an ABC application went up on the front of the beloved theater most recently home to ArcLight at 9500 Culver Blvd. in Culver City.  Here’s what I can find out so far…  It appears that Amazon is taking over the historic theater.  And there will be food as well.  The ABC app lists the name of the new business as LAX75, and the primary owner is listed as multinational foodservice company The Compass Group.  There are a lot of rumors swirling around, so if you have more concrete info, please pass it along. (Thanks John!)

Erratum: This story originally reported the new restaurant as French 75.  Thanks to all the readers who took the time to let me know. 

Lyfe Kitchen Landing In Playa Vista; Yet Another Theater With A Restaurant And Bar!

Looks like there will be plenty of opportunities for new restaurants in the giant developments at Playa Vista, along Jefferson Blvd.  One of the first to post their ABC application is the healthy eco-chain Lyfe Kitchen at 12746 W. Jefferson which not-so-coincidentally is also the location of the new Century Theatres (Cinemark) complex.  And we can tell from their posted ABC application, Century Theatres intends on having a “general eating place” that serves alcohol as well, joining the other new theaters being built on the Westside that will also have restaurants including the new Arclight in Santa Monica, and the remodeled Laemmle in Santa Monica.



Wetzel’s Pretzels Closes In Santa Monica Place

The food scene continues to sputter in the Santa Monica Place Mall, despite the upcoming ArcLight Cinema and Cheesecake Factory.  The latest evidence?  Wetzel’s Pretzels appears to have quietly slipped out of its third floor space.  But fear not: If you find yourself craving the doughy treat, you can easily find other locations, including the one just one block away in The Promenade by looking here.