Flower Child Uprooted In Downtown Santa Monica

I’m hearing from many of you who are really not that surprised that Santa Monica’s branch of Fox Restaurant ConceptsFlower Child appears caput at 1332 Second Street in Downtown Santa Monica.  You may recall, Flower Child started spreading their good vibes back in 2016 with a sunny menu aimed at the health conscious.  I’m not sure what may have gone wrong, but I’ll keep my eye on the space to see what will develop.

Flower Child Set To Open June 14th

It was back in December when I first noticed that Flower Child, one of Fox Restaurant Concepts brands (True Food Kitchen, North Italia), was going to be sharing the renovated Laemmle Theater space at 1332 Second Street in Downtown Santa Monica.  Eater told us that June was the projected opening.  Now we have a date:  According to a spokesperson, Flower Child will begin dispensing good vibes on June 14th.  Look for a menu of organic, locally sourced, and additive free, “healthy food for a happy world”.



Flower Child Set To Deliver Good Vibes Soon To Santa Monica

We’ve long known that the renovation of the erstwhile dusty old Laemmle Theater at 1332 Second Street in Santa Monica was going to bring us (possibly) two new restaurants.  And now we know for sure what one of them will be.  A recently posted ABC license application informs us, and the company website confirms that a branch of Arizona’s earthy eatery Flower Child is on the way to the sparkling new movie palace.  Offering a menu that is organic, locally sourced, and additive free, Flower Child promises “healthy food for a happy world”.  No word on an opening date, and construction is fast and furious, but I’ll keep watching…



Lyfe Kitchen Landing In Playa Vista; Yet Another Theater With A Restaurant And Bar!

Looks like there will be plenty of opportunities for new restaurants in the giant developments at Playa Vista, along Jefferson Blvd.  One of the first to post their ABC application is the healthy eco-chain Lyfe Kitchen at 12746 W. Jefferson which not-so-coincidentally is also the location of the new Century Theatres (Cinemark) complex.  And we can tell from their posted ABC application, Century Theatres intends on having a “general eating place” that serves alcohol as well, joining the other new theaters being built on the Westside that will also have restaurants including the new Arclight in Santa Monica, and the remodeled Laemmle in Santa Monica.



Laemmle Theater’s Rooftop Restaurant…

I’ve already reported that the Laemmle Theater at 1332 Second Street in Santa Monica is undergoing a major remodel and is planning on a new French lobby restaurant possibly named La Dolce Vita.  But according to the use permit application posted on the construction site, not only will there by a 181 seat groundfloor restaurant, there will also be a 165 seat rooftop restaurant as well.  Additionally, there will be beer and wine available in the 6 theaters.  Look for a December re-opening.


La Dolce Vita (Possibly) Coming Soon To SM

Here’s what I know for certain: The Laemmle Theater at 1332 Second Street in Santa Monica is about to undergo a (long overdue) remodel and the gussied-up new picture house will contain a restaurant just inside the lobby.  Here’s what I’m less sure of: I’m told by theater staff that the new restaurant will be named La Dolce Vita as indicated by the rendering of the new building below.  La Dolce Vita would be a fitting name as it is a nod to the famous Fellini film, however the staff told me the new restaurant would be French influenced.  Hmmm…  Since it seems highly implausible that a French restaurant would be called La Dolce Vita, I’m afraid we’ll just have to wait for more details.  The theater will close down in mid-May and plans on re-opening in December.

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