The Brothers Sushi Now Dishing Fish On Montana Ave.

Ever since I first spotted the ABC application over a year ago, people have been demanding answers about an opening date for The Brothers Sushi at 1008 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica.  The Brothers Sushi is the insanely popular high-end sushi spot in Woodland Hills and folks were excited by the idea of getting a branch on the Westside.  I’m happy to report that they are now in soft opening. Their hours are: Tuesday through Friday 12pm to 2pm and 5:30 pm to 9pm, and Saturday and Sunday for dinner only from 5:30 to 9:30.  You can snag a rezzie by calling (424) 330-0270 or locating them on Tock.  You’re welcome.

Brothers Sushi Expanding To Santa Monica

I’ve known for a little while that this was going down, but I wasn’t at liberty to tell you.  Now I can officially announce that the space at 1008 Montana Ave., formerly home to a branch of Maria’s Italian Kitchen, will be the future Westside home to Woodland Hills’ Brothers Sushi.  An ABC application appeared this week on the front of the location confirming the news.  The Brothers Sushi is the much-lauded and wildly popular “high-end” sushi spot that offers seasonal “Omakase Chefs courses or Ala Carte options”.  This is indeed exciting news for the burgeoning SaMo restaurant scene.

Maria’s Italian Kitchen Closes Up Shop On Wilshire: Brentwood Branch Reopens

When God closes a Maria’s, he always opens another…  About a year ago I told you about Maria’s Italian Kitchen opening at 3001 Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica.  They had taken over the troubled space that had housed the sports bar South.  This was to be their temporary pop-up while they remodeled their Brentwood location.  And now all of you Brentwood citizens who had to drive past 328 other Italian restaurants and a city boundary to get to your beloved Maria’s can heave a collective sigh of relief: The Maria’s in Santa Monica has officially closed and the Brentwood location has reopened at 11723 Barrington Court.



Maria’s Italian Kitchen Quietly Slips Into The South Space In Santa Monica

I’ve been watching the space that used to house now-defunct sports bar South at 3001 Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica for a while now.  First, it was reported that a new farm-to-table restaurant was to take over.  Then, late last year we learned of legal problems with the previous tenants and so it has sat empty for a long time.  Now a new branch of popular SoCal restaurant chain Maria’s Italian Kitchen has quietly slipped into the space and opened last week.  However the website states that this is only a temporary pop-up to service the needs of the poor people of Brentwood while the Maria’s location there is closed for remodeling because heaven knows there is no other place to eat Italian in Brentwood…


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