Lemonade (Finally) Opens In Santa Monica: Moving Into The Bay Area

Did that take a long time or what?  Last Winter, I told you about the signs in the window announcing that a branch of Lemonade was taking over the old Rockenwagner space at 311 Arizona Ave. in Santa Monica.  Originally, the optimistic purveyor of “seasonal California comfort food”, innocent to the workings of the City of Santa Monica, had planned for a Spring opening.  That obviously didn’t happen.  But all that’s behind us now.  Lemonade threw open its doors yesterday, November 17.  Incidentally, the bright and cheery expanding brand appears poised to move into the Bay Area, according to their website.


Café Rockenwagner Now Closed In Brentwood

I had high hopes for Café Rockenwagner when I first noticed back in 2013 that it was coming to a new development in Brentwood: It had a bright, mod interior; a fantastic location on the corner of Barrington and Wilshire; and the pleasing Germanic/Californian comfort food of longtime LA chef Hans Röckenwagner.  But slowly over the subsequent months, you could see fewer and fewer people sitting at its tables.  Sadly, the Café has served its last pretzel burger.  The signs are covered over and the place is deserted.  No word on what may be replacing it, but until then, Rockenwagner still maintains a few other places around town that you can locate here.



The Market At SMP 2.0 Coming Soon…

Oh those glorious days back in 2011 when we all held such high hopes for the opening of The Market at Santa Monica Place, only to have those hopes dashed on the rocks shortly thereafter.  With names such as Rockenwagner and Piero Salvaggio involved, all eyes were on the food hall that was frequently described as “Ferry Building style”.  Well, after years of sputtering and losing tenants, The Market recently closed most of its space for a major re-do.  Only four stores remain open: The Gourmandise School, The Curious Palate, Venokado, and Groundworks.  No word on what they’re planning on doing, and the signs that are up only promise that “The Market is changing”, so we’ll just have to wait and see.  Perhaps the new Arclight Cinemas and Cheesecake Factory will bring more foot traffic.  Maybe we can start to get our hopes up again…



Lemonade Takes Over The Old Rockenwagner Space In SM

It was only a short while ago that farmer’s market fave Rockenwagner abruptly closed its doors at 311 Arizona Ave. in Santa Monica.  And now we know what’s taking its place.  Looks like the “seasonal Southern California comfort food” chain Lemonade will be moving in shortly, according to the notices pasted on the front.  No word on an opening date, but until then, read more about the fast-casual chain here.