The Dudes’ Brewing Company Bringing Craft Beer To Santa Monica Place

Could the stumbling food scene in Santa Monica Place be recovering?  Z Pastabar recently opened, The Curious Palate jumped locations but not the ship, and The Cheesecake Factory appears constantly busy.  Yet there are still four cavernous restaurant spaces that remain idle.  But soon you can make that three.  Signs are up on the front of the space that used to house Pizza Antica informing us that Torrance’s craft beer specialists The Dudes’ Brewing Company will soon be moving in.  We wish them the best of luck.


Great Khan’s Mongolian Grill Opens In SMP

We all know that since opening, the food scene at Santa Monica Place has had its share of troubles.  The much-anticipated Market now sits mostly empty and largely untouched, as do a number of other restaurant spaces, even as the wildly popular Cheesecake Factory continues to be a big draw.  Into this chaos, one plucky new eatery is making a courageous bid.  Mall staple Great Khan’s Mongolian Grill is now open in the food court.  We wish them luck.




The Market At SMP 2.0 Coming Soon…

Oh those glorious days back in 2011 when we all held such high hopes for the opening of The Market at Santa Monica Place, only to have those hopes dashed on the rocks shortly thereafter.  With names such as Rockenwagner and Piero Salvaggio involved, all eyes were on the food hall that was frequently described as “Ferry Building style”.  Well, after years of sputtering and losing tenants, The Market recently closed most of its space for a major re-do.  Only four stores remain open: The Gourmandise School, The Curious Palate, Venokado, and Groundworks.  No word on what they’re planning on doing, and the signs that are up only promise that “The Market is changing”, so we’ll just have to wait and see.  Perhaps the new Arclight Cinemas and Cheesecake Factory will bring more foot traffic.  Maybe we can start to get our hopes up again…



Baltaire Will Open Tonight… Here’s A Peek Inside…

And while we’re on the subject of highly anticipated Westside restaurant debuts, Baltaire is opening today (Monday, March 9th).  The “contemporary American steakhouse” took over the old Cheesecake Factory space at 11647 San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood.  After an extensive remodel, you’ll hardly recognize the space, but they have kept the patio dining area.  Check out their website here and in the mean time, here’s a glimpse of what you can expect…






Redwood Grille’s Tree Felled In SMP

You have to hand it to the plucky restaurateurs who brave the stagnant dining scene on the third floor of Santa Monica Place.  It takes a certain, for lack of a better word, courage to give it a go.  Sadly, after a valiant effort, it appears that yet another one has bitten the dust.  After a run of a year-and-a-half, Redwood Grille has closed its doors in the cavernous space facing the Promenade just as Xino did before it.  No word on what’s replacing it.  But there are signs of life on the third floor:  The upcoming Cheesecake Factory and the new restaurant in the future Arclight Cinema should bring new life… hopefully…



The New Arclight Cinemas In SMP Will Feature A Bar And Café

The brand-spanking new Arclight Cinemas being built directly on top of Bloomingdale’s in the Santa Monica Place will feature its signature café and full bar according to the posters covering the plywood.  Thus between the new café and the upcoming Cheesecake Factory, diners will be spoiled for choice on the formerly struggling third floor of the mall.  Who knows? Maybe even the stagnant The Market might get new lifeblood…  Look for a Fall 2015 opening.



Wetzel’s Pretzels Closes In Santa Monica Place

The food scene continues to sputter in the Santa Monica Place Mall, despite the upcoming ArcLight Cinema and Cheesecake Factory.  The latest evidence?  Wetzel’s Pretzels appears to have quietly slipped out of its third floor space.  But fear not: If you find yourself craving the doughy treat, you can easily find other locations, including the one just one block away in The Promenade by looking here.  


Baltaire Restaurant Arriving Soon To Brentwood…

I think many on the Westside were astonished and perhaps a bit nostalgic when that popular destroyer of waistlines, The Cheesecake Factory, abruptly closed its doors in 2012 at 11647 San Vicente Blvd. in Brentwood.  It’s long been reported that The Coral Tree Café has been renovating the space to make way for a cavernous new steakhouse.  And now we have a name…  According to the sign tacked up on the plywood announcing a job fair, the new restaurant will be called Baltaire.  No word on an exact opening date, but they appear to be getting close…