Venokado Vacates SMP

It appears that wine and gift shop Venokado has given up the ghost in The Market at Santa Monica Place.  And The Curious Palate will be jumping ship from its Market space to across the way, just to the right of the ArcLight.  That means that soon, the only soldier left standing will be La Gourmandise School.  But we’ve been promised that something new will be coming…



The Market At SMP 2.0 Coming Soon…

Oh those glorious days back in 2011 when we all held such high hopes for the opening of The Market at Santa Monica Place, only to have those hopes dashed on the rocks shortly thereafter.  With names such as Rockenwagner and Piero Salvaggio involved, all eyes were on the food hall that was frequently described as “Ferry Building style”.  Well, after years of sputtering and losing tenants, The Market recently closed most of its space for a major re-do.  Only four stores remain open: The Gourmandise School, The Curious Palate, Venokado, and Groundworks.  No word on what they’re planning on doing, and the signs that are up only promise that “The Market is changing”, so we’ll just have to wait and see.  Perhaps the new Arclight Cinemas and Cheesecake Factory will bring more foot traffic.  Maybe we can start to get our hopes up again…



Cook By Venokado Now Open In The Market, SMP

Just in time for holiday shopping, Cook by Venokado (a.k.a. Venokado Kitchen Supply in previous posts and on signs throughout the mall) is now open in The Market at Santa Monica Place.  Carrying a selection of specialty cookware, utensils, ingredients, and one-of-a-kind pieces, the plucky little offshoot of Venokado, the wine and gift shop at the far end of The Market as well as in West Hollywood officially debuted on Black Friday.

Venokado Kitchen Supply Coming Soon To The Market, SMP

Since its opening over a year ago, The Market at Santa Monica Place, the ambitious Ferry Building-style space has undergone plenty of change.  For all its empty stalls, transformation continues and some businesses continue to expand; The Curious Palate now operates two other stalls, The Curious Baker and The Curious Cheese Shoppe. Now comes word of further expansion; Venokado, the wine bar and one-of-a-kind gift store at the rear of The Market is opening a kitchen supply and cookware store across 2 spaces including the kiosk and the stall directly behind it with the “Fall in love with your food” banner pictured below.  Carrying an eclectic assortment of cookware, bakeware, and other kitchen items, the new Venokado Kitchen Supply is planning on an opening in about one month.