Ima Bringing Authentic Wagyu From Japan To Beverly Hills

The increasing number of authentic Japanese restaurants or impending projects, as in straight out of Japan, is impressive right now.   Add one more to the list:  Window notices are up on the space next to Yazawa, at 9966A S. Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills, announcing a new restaurant, Ima.  The window promises shabu-shabu and sukiyaki, but their website lets us know that Tokyo-based Imafuku makes highest-grade Japanese Wagyu the star of the show.  And they’ll even let you know from what part of Japan the beef is coming, just in case you’re concerned about Fukushima.


Juice Served Here Coming Soon To BH

A great many of you have been carefully watching the space that used to house St. Urbain Street Bagels at 451 North Beverly Dr. in Beverly Hills.  Well, now we know what’s taking over.  A small notice of non-responsibility taped to the front door indicates that a new branch of “never conventional” expanding juice company Juice Served Here is moving in.