Ima Bringing Authentic Wagyu From Japan To Beverly Hills

The increasing number of authentic Japanese restaurants or impending projects, as in straight out of Japan, is impressive right now.   Add one more to the list:  Window notices are up on the space next to Yazawa, at 9966A S. Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills, announcing a new restaurant, Ima.  The window promises shabu-shabu and sukiyaki, but their website lets us know that Tokyo-based Imafuku makes highest-grade Japanese Wagyu the star of the show.  And they’ll even let you know from what part of Japan the beef is coming, just in case you’re concerned about Fukushima.


It’s Official: Yazawa Taking Over The Bier Beisl Space In BH

When BierBeisl vacated the space at 9669 Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills back in November of 2013, people were left scratching their heads wondering what was going to take over. Originally a pizza joint was scheduled to move in, but that fell through.  Then in March of 2014, Eater LA uncovered an ABC license application suggesting that a Japanese restaurant was destined for the space, but that couldn’t be confirmed and the old license application has since disappeared.  Shortly thereafter, a new ABC license was issued to Yazawa Meat Inc., and signs recently went up on the awning informing us all that the new restaurant will indeed be Yazawa.  Whether or not this is the same Yazawa as the international chain, I can’t speak with any authority but it certainly looks possible…

Update:  A reader sent me more information… Yes, this IS the same Yazawa as the international chain.  Currently, they are having difficulties with the owners of the space which is holding up their progress.  According to the reader, they are still far from opening…