Pizzari Replacing 800 Degrees In Westwood

It was a sad day when revolutionary pizza purveyor 800 Degrees closed up shop in its flagship location at 10899 Lindbrook Drive in Westwood.  Now, according to window paper, a new “neighborhood pizza eatery” is moving into the spot.  According to this article in Daily Bruin, Pizzari will differentiate itself from the myriad of other Westwood pie joints by offering “organic, healthy pizza”.



800 Degrees Pizza Moves Forward In Santa Monica…

Ultra-popular Neapolitan pizza chain 800 Degrees is making headway on its Santa Monica location.  Signs recently went up in the windows of 120 Wilshire Blvd. (corner of 2nd, across from Hillstone’s) announcing applications for beer and wine at the upcoming 116 seat restaurant.  If the Westwood original is any indication, this corner, just steps from the famously phallic statue of Saint Monica, is about to become a very busy intersection indeed.