Lollicup Fresh Replacing Open Oven Pizza In Westwood

Following up on a tip from a reader (Thanks Jeremy!), I went to check out what was going on in the old Open Oven Pizza location at 1131 Westwood Blvd. in Westwood.  I declared Open Oven closed last year, but was later told that the owners were working on a new concept.  That appears to have changed, as ‘now hiring’ signs are up on the front declaring that the sunny purveyors of  milk tea/boba/juice/snacks Lollicup Fresh are intending on making themselves right at home in the space.


Open Oven Pizza Closes In Westwood

Selling pizza to hungry students in Westwood is like shooting fish in a barrel, but competition is stiff.  Back in 2014, the build-you-own concept Open Oven Pizza opened its doors to the hungry masses at 1131 Westwood Blvd.  While there is no clear indication of closure, it has sat idle for a while and Yelp is declaring it closed, so I’m calling it closed as well.