Headline’s Diner Replacing Lollicup In Westwood

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’re aware of the recent mass exodus of restaurants from Westwood.  But the news isn’t all doom and gloom…  One plucky eatery appears to be doing just fine.  A banner above the recently deceased Lollicup at 1131 Westwood Blvd. is announcing that longtime Westwood fixture Headline’s Diner is moving into the front and center location.

What’s Going On In Westwood? Döner Done, More!

As you can tell if you read this blog, it’s been a hard Summer for restaurants…  But seriously, what’s going on in Westwood?  A quick jog around the Village left me gobsmacked, with no less that four restaurants recently deceased.  Last week I told you about the disappearance of long-standing Westwood anchor Tanino.  But add to the list Nushii, Lollicup, and perhaps most surprising, Spireworks.  If you recall, Spireworks burst on the scene back in 2016 and caused a stir by introducing The Westside to its signature Turkish döner (spit-roasted meat).  I’m not sure why the sudden exodus, but I’ll keep watching.

Lollicup Fresh Replacing Open Oven Pizza In Westwood

Following up on a tip from a reader (Thanks Jeremy!), I went to check out what was going on in the old Open Oven Pizza location at 1131 Westwood Blvd. in Westwood.  I declared Open Oven closed last year, but was later told that the owners were working on a new concept.  That appears to have changed, as ‘now hiring’ signs are up on the front declaring that the sunny purveyors of  milk tea/boba/juice/snacks Lollicup Fresh are intending on making themselves right at home in the space.


Lollicup Coming Soon To Sawtelle

Based in the San Gabriel Valley and poised to take over the world, cheery purveyors of  milk coffee/tea/boba/juice Lollicup are moving into the space that was supposed to have been Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt at 2206 Sawtelle (south of Olympic).  Besides sunny drinks, expect a menu of snacks such as fried tofu, mini buns, squid balls, and combination plates.  With locations across the US, China, and coming soon to Europe and the Middle East, you can read more about the plucky little coffeeshop at: lollicup.com.