Pinkberry Disappears From Downtown Santa Monica…

Once a darling with posing celebrities, Pinkberry lead the pack in the frozen yogurt explosion a number of years back.  Could this be an indication that times and tastes have moved on?  I was surprised to see that Pinkberry has vanished from its prime location at 1456 Third Street Promenade.  I’ll keep watching to see what may take over the space.



O Tempora O Mores! Pressed Juicery Replaces Pinkberry In Brentwood

Could this be a sign of the times?  Cast your memory back to a simpler age, when frozen yogurt was king and Pinkberry its crowned prince.  Things seem to have changed somewhat.  I just noticed that the branch of Pinkberry at 11711 Gorham Ave. in Brentwood has closed its doors, only to be replaced by a branch of uberhealthy Pressed Juicery.  Now that’s gotta hurt…