Bibigo Bibigone From Sawtelle

Sadly, it appears that Korean bowl specialist Bibigo has disappeared from its location at 2210 Sawtelle Blvd. in LA.  The space is completely gutted, ending any hope of a return.  I’m not sure what happened, but I’ll keep watching to see what may take a chance in what is one of the Westside’s most competative food scenes, Sawtelle Japantown.


Somi Somi Bringing Ah-Boong And Taiyaki To Sawtelle…

The recent closure of Blockheads Shavery left a hole in the busy shopping center on the corner of Sawtelle and Mississippi in West LA, the same one that houses superstar Tsujita.  But that’s about to change…  Window covering is promising that Somi Somi will soon be arriving to the space at 11311 Mississippi Ave.  Somi Somi apparently is known for ah-boong (a fish-shaped bun filled with various sweet fillings, “Korean-inspired” soft service ice cream, and toppings), and taiyaki (Japanese pancake filled with various sweet and savory fillings).  With locations throughout SoCal and one in Texas, their website is promising a massive expansion soon.  No word on an opening date…


4Fingers Crispy Chicken Landing On Sawtelle With “Asia’s Favorite Crispy Chicken”

Signs are up on the space at 2206 Sawtelle Blvd. (corner of Olympic) informing us that America’s first branch of Singapore-based 4Fingers Crispy Chicken is moving in.  4Fingers has been expanding in Southeast Asia and Australia since its launch in 2009, and is looking to make inroads into the USA and Europe.  Look for a menu of Korean-style fried chicken that is free range and antibiotic/hormone-free, brushed with their naturally fermented soy garlic or hot and spicy proprietary sauces.