HQ Gastropub Coming To Santa Monica

I’d been keeping an eye on the location that used to house popular tourist restaurant Trastevere at 1360 Third St. Promenade to see what would develop.  Recently, an ABC application went up on the front naming the new business.  With locations in Woodland Hills and Huntington Beach, HQ Gastropub appears to be moving in.  Expect a menu of “Global cuisine”, high quality beer, wine and spirits, and decor with a “motif of musical artists, fashionable design, and classic vintage guitars”.

Bruxie Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches Coming Soon To Downtown Santa Monica

As you may know, the old Yankee Doodles space at 1410 Third St. Promenade in Santa Monica has sat vacant since a fire closed the sports bar back in 2013.  Last month I noticed new signs of life but couldn’t come up with specific details.  But recently, an artist’s rendering posted on the front of the space appears to spill the beans that the new tenant will be Bruxie Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches.  With several locations mostly to the South and East of LA, Bruxie is known for breakfasts and sandwiches served between their signature waffles, sort of like a panini according to their website.  But they also offer salads, frozen custard, sundaes, and floats.  Check out their website and learn more here.


It’Sugar Throws Open Its Doors In SM…

Back in February, I told you about the impending arrival of a new novelty and candy emporium to the space at 1427 Third St. Promenade in Downtown Santa Monica.  After an extensive and lengthy renovation of the storefront, It’Sugar is now open.  With over 70 locations worldwide, It’Sugar delivers a wild ride through the world of confection with such TV gag products as Sweddy Balls, Colon Blow, and sacchariferous versions of edible intimate apparel as well as classic and retro candies that you can read more about here. 

itsugar1 itsugar2 itsugar3


Steak N Shake Now Open In Santa Monica

As you can tell if you look carefully at the posted announcement in the window of the photo taken on Monday, Steak N Shake officially opens today (Tuesday, October 28th) on the corner of Broadway and Third St. in Santa Monica.  Originally hailing from Georgia, you can read more the chain and check out their menus here.