Bruxie Bringing Chicken & Waffles To El Segundo

Congratulations El Segundo!  Exceptional chicken and waffles are heading your way…  We know this because there’s a banner hanging over the space in the Apollo Landing development at 2171 Rosecrans Ave, previously home to Pier 76 Fish Grill, announcing a new branch of Bruxie.  With a smattering of locations around LA and Orange County (and one in Georgia), Bruxie is known for breakfasts and sandwiches served between their signature waffles.  But they also offer salads, frozen custard, and sweet waffle sandwiches. 

La Sirena Grill Closes In El Segundo…

If you follow this blog, you know how competitive the food scene in El Segundo is.  Case in point:  Once popular Mexican restaurant La Sirena Grill has closed up shop at 710-D Allied Way as the hungry aerospace crowds have moved on to Apollo Landing and The Point.  I’ll keep watching to see what develops.


Samosa House Takes Over The Counter Space In El Segundo

Is competition in the food scene getting too stiff in the El Segundo area?  New multi-use complexes are popping up right and left.  There’s the developing Elevon project, Apollo Landing, and Manhattan Village is getting a much-needed redo.  But there are signs that things are wearing thin.  Many empty spaces still sit in the newish The Point.  And older shopping centers are beginning to bleed tenants.  Plaza El Segundo has had a number of vacant storefronts for a while.  Recently, customized burger joint The Counter pulled up stakes there.  Courageous expanding Indian restaurant chain Samosa House has settled in and is giving it a go, making this their fifth location.  We wish them the best of luck.