El Se-Nodo Grill & Bar Coming To El Segundo

It looks like the busy aerospace people in El Segundo are about to get a new eatery.  There’s a big banner on one of the spaces in the Elevon complex on the corner of Maple and Douglas Street announcing that something called El Se-Nodo Grill & Bar is on the way.  The banner seems to indicate that noodles will somehow feature, otherwise I wasn’t able to find out much more so if you have any information let me know…


Lisa’s Exits Elevon In El Segundo

It was back in 2016 when I first noticed that caterer and restaurateur Lisa Erikson was bringing a branch of her brick and mortar eatery Lisa’s Cafe & Bakery to a space in the Elevon multi-use complex at 741 N. Douglas St. in El Segundo.  Sadly, it appears she has decided to close this branch.  But you can still pick up her signature breakfasts, salads, and sandwiches at her Torrance location…

Fantastic Coming To Elevon In El Segundo

I recently noticed papered over windows at 733 Douglas, at the front of the still-developing Elevon complex in El Segundo, announcing that a new restaurant, Fantastic, will soon be joining the other eateries.  I was curious if it’s the same Fantastic as the Fantastic Café on Main St., so I called the café.  According to a spokesperson, Fantastic is a franchise, and the two are (confusingly) not related, except for the shared name.  According to the paper on the window, expect a menu of “breakfast, burgers, tenders, salads, shakes”.   If you have any more information on this, let me know…


Samosa House Takes Over The Counter Space In El Segundo

Is competition in the food scene getting too stiff in the El Segundo area?  New multi-use complexes are popping up right and left.  There’s the developing Elevon project, Apollo Landing, and Manhattan Village is getting a much-needed redo.  But there are signs that things are wearing thin.  Many empty spaces still sit in the newish The Point.  And older shopping centers are beginning to bleed tenants.  Plaza El Segundo has had a number of vacant storefronts for a while.  Recently, customized burger joint The Counter pulled up stakes there.  Courageous expanding Indian restaurant chain Samosa House has settled in and is giving it a go, making this their fifth location.  We wish them the best of luck.


Ocean Market Grill Expands North

As you know, I’ve been watching the food scene materialize at the Elevon development in El Segundo.  So far, there’s a Bowlology, and upcoming Petros Kafe, and a Lisa’s Café & Bakery.  And now we can add one more to that list.  An ABC license application in the window of the space at 735 N. Douglas St. lets us know that a second location of Long Beach’s Ocean Market Grill will soon be moving in.  It looks like we can expect a menu of tacos, salads, and… fish.



Lisa’s Café & Bakery Joins The List Of New Eateries In Elevon

Popular caterer and restaurateur Lisa Erikson is expanding her mini empire.  Signs have gone up on the space behind the upcoming Petros Kafe in the enormous Elevon development at 741 N. Douglas St. in El Segundo informing us that a second location of Lisa’s Café & Bakery will be moving in.  No word on an opening date, but I’ll keep my eye on it…



Petros Kafe Expands In El Segundo

I’ve been keeping my eye on the massive Elevon business/retail development, parts of which are still under construction in El Segundo.  In June, Bowlology was the first eatery to open, but since then news has been sparse.  That’s beginning to change. An ABC license application, posted on the front of the empty space at 743 N. Douglas St, Bldg 16, Suite 3, lets us know that the new inhabitant will soon be none other than that fine purveyor of “Hellenic California cuisine” Petros Kafe.  More news to come…



Bowlology Opens In El Segundo, And You’ll Never Guess What’s On The Menu…

It was back in August of last year that I told you about the first listed restaurant going into the giant Elevon complex still in development on the corner of Mariposa and Douglas in El Segundo.  At the time, the paper in the windows indicated that it would be a branch of Bowl of Heaven, the purveyors of all things acai.  However, due to some corporate maneuverings within the parent company, this location at 731 N. Douglas is now independent from the BoH empire and now goes by the name of Bowlology.  It recently opened, and offers what you might guess: juices, smoothies, and acai bowls.  But there’s one big difference:  Yes folks its poke-palooza west of the 405!  Bowlology also offers a selection of prefab poke bowls, and only just a block away from the also recently opened Ono Poke.  Why should anyone have to walk more than a block for poke?





Ono Poke Coming To El Segundo

As poke hysteria grips the Westside, we learn of yet another raw fish establishment vying for a place at the table.  Back in December I told you about the demise of El Segundo’s Salad Creations at 2259 E Maple Ave. in The Edge at Campus El Segundo, next to the giant Elevon complex currently under construction.  Signs have recently gone up on the space indicating that the new tenant will be Ono Poke Hawaiian Poke Bowl.  No word on an opening date, but I’ll keep watching.


Bowl Of Heaven Coming Soon To Santa Monica

Back in early August, I noticed that the new Elevon complex in El Segundo was getting a branch of superfood chain Bowl of Heaven.  At the time, I also pointed out that their website indicated that Santa Monica was to land a branch as well.  And now we know where… Papers are up in the window of the space at 725 Broadway announcing the upcoming arrival. They’re still in the construction phase so I don’t know when they intend on opening, but until then, you can check out Bowl of Heaven’s menu of acai bowls, smoothies, and juices  here.



The Hummus Republic Expanding Into El Segundo

With all eyes on swankier developments lately (I’m looking at you, The Point), other more plebeian developments are off the radar… except here.  One giant multi-use development going into a less glamorous part of El Segundo is the massive Elevon, complete with retail, dining, offices, and hotels.  And the area around appears to be benefitting as well.  Right next door is another, smaller complex, The Edge, located on the corner of N. Douglas St. and E. Maple Dr.  With a couple of outlets across The Valley and one in Downtown LA, it appears that The Hummus Republic is expanding into The Edge complex, right next to Elevon.  Read more about their “Where Healthy Meets Tasty” Mediterranean menu and find out more here.


The Elevon Development Gets Its First Restaurant…

While all eyes have been on the glitzy The Point development in El Segundo with its hipster dining and retail stores that opened last week, I’ve been keeping watch on another massive, yet less glam and more work horse development also coming to El Segundo.  Back in February of this year, I told you about the giant multi-use complex Elevon that was in development near the corner of Imperial and Douglas that promised office, retail, and dining space.  Still mostly under construction, I’ve been awaiting restaurant announcements.  Well ladies and gentlemen we have our first restaurant.  Signs have gone up announcing that Bowl of Heaven will soon inhabit one of the spaces.  With locations throughout California, BoH offers a menu of acai bowls, smoothies, and juices that you can read more about here.  Incidentally, according to the website, looks like Santa Monica can expect a branch soon as well…


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New Dining Coming Soon To El Segundo…

Looks like a new office and retail plaza will be opening up soon in El Segundo.  And we’re not talking some little strip mall here, but rather a giant 46.5 acre development with its own Hyatt Place Hotel.  Named Elevon, it sits near the corner of Imperial and Douglas.  While I can’t find out exactly what’s coming, the website boasts 13,500 square feet of dining space.  Along with The Point, the booming local aerospace industry will be spoilt for choice.  Work is well-underway so expect restaurant announcements soon.  In the mean time, check out the artist rendering here, and I’ll keep my eye on it…