Simples Replaces Candy With Super Nutrition On Main St.

A bit ago, I told you about the for lease sign pasted on the front of A Real Treat Candy Boutique at 2724 Main in Santa Monica portending doom for the natural confectionary.  Wasting no time, it appears that Simples has moved in.  And what precisely is Simples?  “A line of hand prepared, plant based tonics” that you can read more about here.




Dave’s Doghouse Destined For Main Street In Santa Monica

Recently, I saw that there was a notice of pending design review taped to the inside of the window of the erstwhile Santa Monica Electric Co. at 2428 Main St. in Santa Monica.  Immediately, long-time LA restaurateur Josiah Citrin’s (Melisse, Charcoal) name stood out.  Upon closer inspection, the notice’s artist’s rendering lets us know that this humble building will soon be the home of a branch of hotdog specialists Dave’s Doghouse.  The ABC application confirms it.

A Reat Treat Candy Boutique Turns Sour In SM

A Real Treat Candy Boutique caused a sensation when it first opened as a pop-up in 2013, and later landed in Santa Monica.  Offering “better” candy options that were free from artificial junk, they were lauded by LA Weekly in 2016.  Sadly, it appears that things have gone sour, as a large for lease sign is now tacked to the front of their brick and mortar at 2724 Main St.  I’ll keep my eye on the space to see what moves in…


Chez Tex Brings Coffee, Food, And Wine Soon To Main St. In Venice

So, I’ve been watching the tiny space at 218 Main St. in Venice (Santa Monica adjacent) ever since I noticed a small notice pasted on the front that indicated the storefront was being outfitted as a restaurant.  But I couldn’t get any info until this week…  Paper covering the side of the plywood tells us that the new eatery will be something called Chez Tex.  A quick search directed me to the still-developing website, informing us that Chez Tex will be an “all-day eatery” serving coffee, food, and wine.  I’ll keep my eye out for more information.



Rawvolution Runs Into A Spot Of Trouble…

Champions of uncooked cuisine Rawvolution, at 2301 Main St. in Santa Monica was closed yesterday due to a violation of the Health and Safety Code, or at least that’s what the official notice, dated 3/31 and posted on the front door says.  A much less formal, handwritten note accompanying the notice attempts to explain that the issue appears to be a plumbing problem.  As of Friday, they were very busy remedying the situation and the sign suggests that they may possibly reopen by Saturday, but as you can see, an official health officer must reopen it.  We wish them the best of luck.




Kippy’s! Set To Deliver Icy Treats To Main St. In Venice Soon

I recently noticed a lot of activity in the space that used to house Italian coffee shop Spazio Caffe at 245 S. Main St. in Venice.  As it turns out, the store is being readied for its new inhabitant, none other than Kippy’s! ice cream shop.  They’ll be closing their current location at 326 Lincoln Blvd. by Friday January 22nd.  And it looks like they’re hoping to start peddling their organic, non-dairy “scoops of happiness” by the end of January or early February in their new location.


Espresso Cielo Expanding In Santa Monica

With one location already in Santa Monica on Main Street and another location in Palm Springs, little charmer Espresso Cielo is expanding into Downtown Santa Monica.  Notices recently went up on the new space at 1431 C on 2nd Street announcing the imminent arrival.  According to the window display, the coffee, tea, and patisserie shop will throw open its doors sometime this Fall.